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Meet Amanda

"Amanda Bunker is a professional, talented, and experienced massage therapist. I have been fortunate to have been her client for the past several years for chronic back and shoulder pain and tension. Amanda deals with these problems and always makes my soreness feel better. She always asks about problem areas and addresses them throughout each massage session. She has strong hands and knows how to put pressure as needed and be gentle as required. Her many clients and hours of experience make her a great massage therapist. The pleasant atmosphere, soft music and the relaxing massage from Amanda is always enough to send me a million miles away from stresses of everyday life. I would highly recommend Amanda to my family and friends."

After moving to Sheridan in 2011 to be near family, Amanda found herself seeking a more rewarding career. Amanda has always enjoyed helping people, and was drawn to massage therapy after seeing the positive impact it can have. This path led her to complete the Sheridan College Massage Therapy program and open her own practice. 

After gaining experience in her own practice, Amanda pursued an opportunity to join the Wyoming Rehab team where she worked side-by-side with physical therapists to treat various injuries and medical issues. 

In addition to her job training at Wyoming Rehab, Amanda has completed additionally training opportunities to learn skills in prenatal/pregnancy massage and oncology massage. 

Not sure which modality suits your needs best? Amanda tailors each massage to her clients individual needs, sometimes utilizing several modalities in one session. 

Relax. Renew. Revive. Take care of your body and mind through the healing power of massage. 

To Book with Amanda, please click the link below! 

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