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" I have been a client of Maven Massage & Bodywork for many years now, and for me massage is more than just going in for an hour to relax. Our bodies hold onto stress, emotions and memories and it's important that we release all of that. Lexes always listens to me when I tell her what my body needs. She is professional, kind and is a great healer. The atmosphere at Maven is calm and relaxing. I look forward to my appointments with Lexes, as I know  I will leave in a better state of mind, body and spirit that when I came in." 

Meet Lexes

Lexes Legerski, born and raised in Wyoming, followed her intuition and found herself wanting to learn and explore the practice of massage therapy. 

Lexes has always been connected to nature, holistic health and natural medicine. By utilizing integrative massage techniques, Lexes; a leading-edge healthcare practitioner, anticipates getting her clients on the path to not only feeling better, but also to set them forth in their health and wellness as a whole. 

Our bodies are energetic and respond just as so. By telling ourselves that feeling better is the default mode, our body surrenders and allows healing to begin. Mindset and education are imperative, and giving her clients the power to take control of their own innate wellbeing is so magical. 

To Book With Lexes, please call or text 

(307)751-1024 or

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